The Beacon

The Beacon is the residential unit of Care Plus Group's Intermediate Tier and provides a 24 hours a day, seven days a week rehabilitation and re-enablement service for people, living in North East Lincolnshire, who require a short period of support and are unable to be at home. 

The Beacon is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team who support individuals through a period of rehabilitation and re-enablement. Developing and implementing personalised plans of care, liaising with the individuals own GP, District Nurse, the hospital, Adult Social Care and family in order to ensure a seamless service for people within The Beacon. 

There is an experienced team of support workers trained in techniques to support and encourage people to regain their skills and mobility. Individuals and staff at The Beacon work together to set rehabilitation goals. 

The Beacon

Our Aim
Our aim is to get you back to where you want to be following a period of illness or crisis. We want to help people to maintain thier independence and stay in the community wherever possible and avoid extended hospital stays or unnecessary care placements.

What services do you provide at The Beacon? 
The Beacon helps people in many different situations including: 

  • Our aim is to help individuals remain living in the community and avoid unnecessary or a long term care placement.
  • Support individuals to enable them to recover from a period of illness or exacerbation of a long-term condition.
  • We provide a re-enablement service which helps people to regain their ability to self-care following illness in order to keep people as independent as possible for a long as possible.
  • We work with people to regain or maintain levels of independence through intensive rehabilitation and therapy programmes.
  • We facilitate discharge from hospital for people requiring rehabilitation but who are not yet able to return home.  




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