The Haven Team

The Haven team provides health and social care, support and respite care to patients and their families/carers with palliative/end of life care needs in their own homes across North East Lincolnshire. It is a support service to the local community nursing teams and provides services through partnership working between Care Plus Group, Marie Curie Cancer Care and St Andrews Hospice.

Services Provided

Services are available over 7 days per week – 52 weeks per year.

The Haven Team

Day care between 8am – 10pm delivered by a team of senior care support workers and care support workers.

Night Care between 10pm - 8am delivered by a team of Marie Curie Health Care Assistants.

The care is co-ordinated and planned by a team of Senior nurses within the Haven team, working closely with the community nurse key workers.

Range of services

  • Provide a range of social, personal care and nursing support.
  • Provide practical advice, emotional or psychological support
  • Periods of respite care in the home – day/night


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