Traffic Light Training

The Traffic Light Prevention and Management of Pressure Damage Model is a local risk assessment tool used within North East Lincolnshire which has been in use since 2011 for allied health care professionals.

The Traffic Light Model is based on three risk levels (Green – Low, Amber – High and Red – Very High). Risk levels are dependent on an individual’s risk factors. It also provides general advice on management, re-positioning regimes and skin checks to enable care staff to monitor individuals – promoting early identification of tissue damage with the aim of preventing pressure ulcer development.

The aims of the training model are:

  • To improve access to training resources for all allied health care professionals including carers working in the independent sector
  • To improve knowledge and skills of allied health care professionals including care staff in care homes and wider community in relation to the prevention and management of pressure damage
  • To improve the standards of care provided in the care homes and wider community
  • To encourage early identification of skin damage and prevention of harm to individuals in the wider community and those living in care homes
  • To reduce the financial, physical and emotional costs attributed to pressure ulceration.
  • To improve links between specialist services, community nursing, other health care professionals and independent care home sector

Please watch the video presentation below, make notes and then complete the Traffic Light Quiz pressing submit when all questions have been answered. Once completed your answers are automatically sent to the Skin Integrity team for marking. You must achieve 80% to pass.

For any queries or questions please contact the Skin Integrity Team

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