Volunteer with us


Care Plus Group are always looking to give opportunities for individuals who would like to volunteer for us.

We have over 200 volunteers supporting our Collaborative Service, End of Life Service, Day Services and Hope Specialist Services teams.

As a volunteer for Care Plus Group you will:

  • Make a meaningful difference to the services users/patients we serve
  • Receive any necessary training for your role
  • Have a vital role in shaping what we do
  • Meet other volunteers and become part of the team.

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Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Some are people who have benefitted from our services and want to give something back and help others in the same situations as they were. Others are keen to learn new skills and gain new experiences or to have a chance to meet new people.

Whatever the motivation, our volunteers are highly prized by Care Plus Group and we are committed to supporting them to be successful and have a rewarding volunteering experience.


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